Kids Halloween Rubber Band Bracelets

A.C. Moore and Hobby Lobby are stores that carry the products to make this!

My nieces and nephew LOVE making these things…..they would wear them up to their elbows if they could. I thought it was a cute idea…. until I found out that it was possible to add buttons and beads to them. Then (of course) I just had to try it too. And now I understand why they enjoy them so much, the possibilities are endless, and it’s such a quick and satisfying craft. All of the designers here are enjoying making them. We even figured out a way to add glow stick bracelets into them! Such a fun idea for Halloween…….or Thanksgiving and Christmas, Easter, St. Pat’s, Birthdays…….oh boy, I’m definitely addicted!

halloween bracelet with glow sticks

How to Make a Glow Stick Rubber Band Bracelet

1.    Put 1 rubber band on the screws. Make an “x” with it by twisting in the center.


2.    Place a stick on top of the rubber band.


3.    String another band over the stick.

–    The stick should be between the 2 different bands now

4.    Go under the first part of the band on top and grab the second part.


5.    Pull the hooked part up and over the end of the stick.




6.    Hook the bottom band from the first part and pull it off the screw. Do this for both the left and the right sides.




7.    Add another band to the top and repeat.


•    Make sure to push the glowstick up and pull the completed bracelet down as you go along.


8.    Once you have finished the bracelet, loop the two sides of the rubber band over the end of the stick. Attach the two sides using the glow bracelet link.

step-9a step-9-b step-9c step-9d step-9e step-9f step-9g



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