Halloween Glass Crafts

Products to make these crafts can be purchased at A.C. Moore and Hobby Lobby

Glass has so much potential as a crafting material…..here are a few fun ideas that think outside of the box.

Potion Bottles

Pumpkin guts, zombie brains, witches wart….oh my! You can use these bottles for home décor, or as a fun treat for kids. Pumpkin guts would be a great name for orange juice  Another use would be to have pre mixed adult drinks in them for a Halloween party!



Text transfer instructions  PHOTOS FOR STEPS
Click HERE for the printable label template
***must be printed on a laser jet printer to work

1.)    Print template on a laser jet printer

2.)    Cover image with packing tape

3.)    Cut out image and let soak in a bowl of water about 20 minutes. The longer it soaks     the easier the paper peels off.

4.)    Rub the wet paper off.

5.)    Use another piece of packing tape to attach to the bottle

Lucky #13

Glass blocks are a great crafting staple. You can use this idea to spell out the word BOO, Beware, or Happy Halloween. Just add a glow stick! Just imagine this in your front window, or as a way to light the path up to your door. Plus, it looks good in the daytime too!



Mason Jar Terrarium

An easy craft with lots of impact! Group several together for a creepy display.


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