And Valentine’s Day for the rest of us…

If the last words you would use to describe your relationship status are “cutesy,” “fluffy,” or “head over heels” and your knee jerk reaction when listening to your friends use those words is to gag, then these Valentine’s Day gifts might be a little more relatable for you.

 Dress It Up vday be wine craft small

The “Be Wine” Valentine’s Day bottle cozy can either be made to enjoy alone on your couch with a quart of ice cream and your favorite rom-com, or with friends that are also single and maybe not loving it.

 Dress It Up vday you're alright craft small

The next Valentine’s Day craft highlights a situation we’ve all been in- you’re seeing a person occasionally, but you know this whole thing is only temporary.  They’re ok, but definitely not the be-all or end-all of your love life.  In this situation, it’s best to not get their hopes up.  Giving them nothing would seem cold, but giving them a “You’re alright” picture frame is like handing them a fun, glittery reality check.

 Dress It Up vday together purrever craft small

Dress It Up vday puppy love craft small

For those of us that are much more affectionate towards our companion animals than any human being we’ve ever met (guilty!), these crafts might be perfect for you.  The “Together Purrever” picture frame says cat ladies (and guys) aren’t crazy; they just have the ability to recognize that no one will ever be more perfect than their furry feline friends.  Or if the best part of your day is coming home to a big, sloppy kiss from your excited, tail-wagging pup, the “Puppy Love” picture display will surely speak to you.  Who needs people, anyway?


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