It’s almost Valentine’s Day…

Whether you like it or not, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there is a good chance someone expects you to do/buy/make something for them.  Rather than going out and purchasing something that will probably end up in a landfill two months from now, why not make that person something special?

Handmade gifts have always been my favorite to give and receive because they are so much more personal than anything you could buy.  Except for chocolate.

Inside jokes, a shared favorite song, or some goofy puns are a great starting point!  Here are a few fun things we did:

Dress It Up valentines day crafts small

“I heart you,” “kiss me,” “nuts about you,” and “bee mine” valentines with Dress It Up buttons are a cute starting point.  Rather than adopting Russell Stover’s aesthetic as your own, why not pick up a fun decorative paper to cut out and paste over the lid of the chocolate box?  Add some Dress It Up “Facet Cut Hearts” or “Candy Kisses” to make it shine (Ooh… Ahh…).  Paint or find a box you like, fill it with their favorite candy, decorate the outside with Cupids and hearts from the “Cupid’s Arrow” button pack or make a sassy sign for the door celebrating the B-52’s and.. Other things.  Even if you aren’t artistic or crafty, they will appreciate your efforts far more than an impersonal cookie-cutter gift.

Dress It Up chocolate boxes vday small

Dress It Up vday craft love shack small

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