Fun with Foam!

As a printmaker, I often find myself thinking in terms of layers and flat colors to map out and build the basic structure of compositions.  Working with foam sheets to make crafts has proven to be incredibly fun for this reason.

I start with a simple idea and figure out what size I want the end craft to be.  Then, I draw on one side of the foam and cut out my shapes with scissors or an X-acto knife.  Once you have everything cut out of foam, coat the backs with a thin layer of rubber cement and let them dry.  Once the rubber cement is dry, you can stick the pieces together, but be mindful of the fact that the Fantastic Four probably couldn’t even get those pieces apart if you mess up.  So, like, just don’t mess up.  Ever.

Once you have everything glued together and looking awesome, hot glue some fun buttons and embellishments around to polish the look of your crafts.  You can make magnets for your refrigerator, brooches, holiday nametags, decorations for a classroom or child’s room, etc.

As always, we would love to see what our buttons and projects have inspired you to make!

If you're looking for Johnny Depp, he's on another ship.

If you’re looking for Johnny Depp, he’s on another ship.

Jesse James foam crafts pirate ship detail

I'm a pretty princess

I’m a pretty princess!

Jesse James foam crafts princess castle detail

When times are ruff, furrget about it.

When times are ruff, make something pawsome. (Puppy puns never get old.)



Not feline dog crafts?  Here's something fur you.

Not feline dog crafts? Here’s something fur you. (And neither do cat puns.)



If you know any good fish puns, let minnow.

If you know any good fish puns, let minnow.



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