Dryer Monster Solution

The sock monster in our dryer expanded its taste buds and started eating gloves and mittens this year.  I am pretty sure EVERY house has their own personal dryer monster… Soooo what to do about all the single socks, gloves and mittens piling up?


Just one value pack of Dress It Up buttons made 4 puppets and there was plenty left over to create more!  They are easy to make and provide hours of fun for (the currently stir crazy) kids.  Plus, they use crafting scraps like foam, yarn, glitter, fabric, and so on.

Jesse James grab bag

So parents… After the puppets are complete, I would suggest scheduling a puppet show for that evening’s entertainment.  Because the kids WILL want to put one on.

And enjoy the silliness!

Jesse James hand puppets 1

Jesse James hand puppets 4

Jesse James hand puppets 2

Jesse James hand puppets 3

Jesse James hand puppets 5

I thought these were pretty cool too!




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