Bead Ball Centerpiece

Jesse James bead balls 1 small banner

If you’re anything like me, your home is more of a creative studio space than a venue for dinner parties and hangouts.  Your garage is a sculpture studio, your basement has two screenprinting presses, and your dining room table has had more paintings framed on it than meals eaten at it.  …Or maybe you’re nothing like me.  Whatever the case is, I’m positive you want your home to be warm and welcoming.

Using a few of the Jesse James Beads “Color Value” pillow packs, wooden or Styrofoam craft balls, some acrylic paint, and hot glue, I was able to put together a decorative center piece for my dining room that demands the attention of everyone in the room.  Beautiful colors, warm light playing off of the reflective surfaces, and an incredible amount of texture from the beads not only make them aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but irresistible to the touch.  It’s impossible to see one and not pick it up!

Plug in your hot glue gun, and let’s get going…  First, take your wooden or Styrofoam balls and paint them colors that will compliment the beads you have selected.  Once the paint is dry and your glue is Ryan Gosling (hot), pour your beads into a bowl.  Put a quarter sized dab of glue on the ball and stick a bead in it.  From this central point, keep adding glue to the ball and building your surface with beads.  No matter how hypnotizing the beads are, always be aware of how hot molten glue is.  Nothing is more sobering when you’re in a state of aesthetic euphoria than accidentally grabbing a puddle of hot glue.

This is the actual face I make when that happens.

This is the actual face I make when that happens.

Once all of your bead balls are finished and cooled, arrange them in a bowl on your table, counter or mantle and enjoy!






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