Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Wedding season is coming!! Hold on to your glue guns and thinking caps, casue it’s gonna get craft crazy up in here.

Seeing how summer is often called wedding season, spring could be considered bridal shower season for the summer brides-to-be.  This week I have bridal showers on the brain!

I am in one of my best friends wedding this summer and can’t help but want to decorate everything for her bridal shower.  It’s always best to have a theme and we’ve picked Love! -Hearts, any and every shade of pink, and girlie stuff everywhere.

The amazing bridesmaid that I am volunteered my creative services to make centerpieces for the tables.  I collected different height vases and mason jars, twine, yarn and some Dress It Up Buttons. Got out my trusty glue gun and went to town.

We plan to put flowers in the vases for her shower but at the moment I filled it with beads for your visual pleasure.  These vases are just showing you that bridal showers and weddings do not have to be complex and cost an arm or a leg, but still be pretty and personal.



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