Craft From Trash!

Jesse James bead craft banner

In order for a company’s products to look nice when presented in a store, they have a designer (or several) that works on the design of the package.  While the packaging is usually brightly colored, beautiful, and fun, it often has a lot of components that will just get thrown away once it’s opened.  Being the thrifty crafters we are, we know these parts can be used for future projects- even if it ends up being used as a palette for mixing paints.  Just… Don’t start hoarding… I don’t want you to find a mummy of your cat behind a mountain of craft supplies a year from now.  I couldn’t live with that on my conscience.

Using packaging materials that would have normally been thrown away, fabric scraps, doilies, leftover buttons and beads, and hot glue, we created two fun, new pieces for your home, office, or child’s room without spending anything.

First, lay out your fabric.  This can be from an old article of clothing, or some scraps you have lying around your craft room or studio.  Take the base material (in our case, there were two flat circles made of particle board) and set it on top of the fabric.  Put a dab of hot glue on the back of the material and stretch the fabric around it.  You don’t want it too tight, but you don’t want it to have any slack, either.  Basically, just be perfect.  That’s all you have to be.

Once your fabric is stretched perfectly, flip it over and begin laying out your design with doilies and beads or draw out your basic design for the buttons to go on.  After everything is exactly how you want it, begin gluing!  To finish it off, glue some picture hanging hardware (technical terms) to the back and hang once it’s dry!

Jesse James bead craft

Jesse James bead crafts 3

Jesse James button crafts


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