Crafting for Special Occasions

Jesse James st patricks day craft banner

No matter what you’re crafting for – a child’s birthday party, a gift for a friend, something to decorate your house, a holiday, etc. – creativity should be the number one priority.  Even if you see something on Pinterest or Etsy that inspires you, take the aspects that you like and make it your own!  No one lives in a vacuum; inspiration is all around us waiting to be noticed, digested in our imperfect brains and spit out into the world with our hands in the form of art, crafts, poetry, and anything else you can dream up.

So today is St. Patrick’s Day, and we’ll pretend you haven’t seen our St. Patrick’s Day Craft post from last week even though I know you totally did. (Here’s the link for the slackers that did miss it).  Using crafts from other posts and St. Patrick’s Day as an example, we’ll show you how simple it is to take an idea and alter it for the occasion.

Jesse James bead ball 2 small

Say, for example, you came across this photograph of our bead balls from our post on March 6, “Bead Ball Centerpiece“.  You really like the idea, but you need something more festive for the get together you’re having for St. Patrick’s Day.

 Jesse James bead balls greenSomething as simple as changing up the colors takes the bead balls you really liked and turns it into a fun, green centerpiece for your party!

Jesse James mardi gras masksOr maybe you saw our Mardi Gras post on March 3rd, and thought “wow, those necklaces are pretty fun, but I’m not in New Orleans and Mardi Gras was two weeks ago!”

Jesse James st patricks day group

By picking up some green beaded necklaces and adding Dress It Up’s St. Patrick’s Day buttons, you have a few necklaces to help you celebrate!  Another simple alteration!

They came to win!

Or perhaps you saw our March 13th post about Pipe Cleaner Critters and you want to apply it to St. Patrick’s Day.

Check back on Thursday for a post about pipe cleaners!

Change the color of the pipe cleaners, choose different Dress It Up button packs, and alter the design slightly and you have a team of pipe cleaner people to celebrate with!

While we are offering a number of fun and creative crafts to inspire you, every artist is different.  Our hands and brains are unique, and the reasons we make things differ from person to person, or day to day.  Use the things around you, make them your own, and share the things you make with us!


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