Travel Sketch Kit

Being on the go anymore is how we all get everything done in a day (well most of us)  Having our mobile gadgets on us at all times and making every piece of technology portable is most important to us and keeps us in the loop. As much as we all are more techie than we ever have been before I find picking up a pencil or crayon with my niece is calming and something that takes me back to my childhood.

I LOOOOOOVED coloring. I do enjoy that I have instilled coloring onto my free spirited flower child, niece! She loves flowers, butterflies and anything hippie style and is always on the go!

So I made her a Travel Sketch Kit!
Jesse James blog sketchbook 2
So I had to make it her own by adding the adorable Dress It Up Buttons, Sew Cute Butterflies, So Cute Sherbert Flowers, Bee Button Fun-735. Needless to say this travel sketchbook kit is now so her!
Jesse James blog sketchbook
Tune in tomorrow to see how we incorporate the travel kit into a tech friendly car organizer for your little ones.

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