Car Caddy

When you’re going on a long car ride with kids, one of the many things you have to think about is how to entertain them for the entire trip.  Since children have high levels of energy and tend to get bored easily, you should have few activities up your sleeve to prevent any car ride meltdowns.
The Car Caddy we made should give you some great ideas and help organize your car while looking really cute!
Jesse James car caddy
Jesse James car caddy in car
We incorporated the Travel Sketch Kit we made yesterday and attached it with a Dress It Up “Color Me…” Lime Button for easy access to take inside to a doctor’s office or coloring at Grandma’s house.
Entertaining with your phone is always a good idea but they always want to touch the screen and hold it.  Instead, make a pocket and attach with our Dress It Up “Sew Cute Butterflies” buttons and “Sew Cute Sherbert Flowers” buttons.  Now your phone will have less spit and smudges and be protected by some clear vinyl.
The tab attached to the sippy cup is helpful for those especially messy kids (yeah, you know who they are).  To make things easier, each piece is attached with buttons, so you can take them off and wash them if need be.
Making pockets for books, toys, or diapers is always helpful and keeps you organized! The buttons add that extra, decorative touch, while being equally functional, which is perfect for any multitasking mom.

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