Spring Has Sprung Flower Shadowbox Craft

Jesse James pipe cleaner flower pots banner

Start with a wooden shadow box and some small wooden flowerpots, paints, glue, floral foam, pipe cleaners and Dress It Up buttons.

Paint the flowerpots a color of your choice, then paint a simple landscape scene on the inside of the shadowbox. The sides of the box can be painted in some bright contrasting colors, with a scroll design added to the outer edges or whatever you’d like to paint! The box will become the window for the flowerpots to sit upon.

Using some pipe cleaners in shades of green, create the plants for the flowerpots.  Roll the tip of a pipe cleaner into a small coil, then glue a flower button to the top. The long end of the pipe cleaner becomes the stem of the flower, to which some leaves can be added by twisting small lengths of pipe cleaners around it. Larger leaves can be created by coiling a pipe cleaner in small oval shapes and twisted onto the stem.

Cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside the pots to anchor the flowers. Cut the stems to desired lengths and insert them into the foam. Arrange the stems to stand at different heights, leaning and drooping over the sides of the pots to look more aesthetically pleasing. An additional coil of pipe cleaner can be wrapped around, and tucked into the top of the pot, to hide the foam.  The pots can then be glued into place on the window box. Add some bugs and butterflies to complete the look. Glue them to the flowers, stems and leaves, or flying around within the landscape.

The box can then stand on any surface, or be hung on the wall by simply adding a picture hanger to the back.

The four pots contain Dress It Up buttons from the Beach Blooms, Garden Splendor,  Lily Brights and Floral Revolution packs. Sew Cute Butterflies and Tiny Bugs are also included to this project.

Have Fun!

Jesse James pipe cleaner flower pots

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