Upscale Bead Crafts for Home Decor

Jesse James bead crafts group banner

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you invite a new love interest to your house for dinner. They have never been to your home before and don’t know you well enough to excuse your cold, dark, damp cave of a house. Rather than allowing the bats hanging from the chandelier in your dining room and the rats eating the breadcrumbs in your cabinet to do the talking, why not make some exciting, new decorations to fancy the place up? The light shimmering off the beautiful beads should be enough to distract your guest from the stalactites and stalagmites forming in your living room.

Using materials from your local craft store like an old decorative frame, some glass bottles, a cake stand, or things you have around your house, combined with Jesse James Beads, spray paint, and glitter, you can create elegant objects to adorn your home.

If you have any photos of the things you have made with our beads or buttons, we would love to see them!

Jesse James bead crafts group


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