Glass Block Crafts for Kids

Jesse James glass block night light banner

As we get older, we like to believe we gain more life experience, knowledge, and information with time. We learn how to read, multiply numbers, and maybe, eventually become doctors, surgeons, or the most important of all professions- designers. (There’s nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back every now and then.) As we age, we believe we are becoming more wise, intelligent and sensible, but what we rarely acknowledge is that we are simultaneously losing our previous understanding of the world.

Every kid knows three things that we sometimes forget when we become adults: There, in fact, ARE monsters under the bed and in the closet that are only scared away by a nightlight, if your piggy bank is full, you’re rich, and that dessert tastes infinitely better than anything you’d eat before it. While the last one requires a simple solution (hint: eat cake for dinner), the first two might take a little coaching to resolve. The answer is to make these glass block crafts.

Glass blocks come in different sizes and have an opening on top. This makes it fit easily with various different projects and purposes. Using spray paint, spray glitter, wood shapes, a battery operated candle, Dress It Up buttons and Jesse James Beads, you can have a nightlight to keep all of the monsters away or a piggy bank fit for a princess!

Jesse James glass block night light

Jesse James glass block piggy bank


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