Button Craft Adventures in Craftland!

Jesse James button U yarn craft banner

Besides beads and novelty buttons, Dress It Up and Jesse James Beads also have a wide variety of conventional buttons in various color schemes. Not only is this helpful if your favorite sea foam blouse loses a persimmon button or two (OOF!), but it is great for crafting.

Today we embarked on a wild journey across Craftland, where we encountered an elephant floating away by the balloons she was holding in her trunk, an entire town of people with names beginning with the letter “U”, and a tree that eats all of the world’s sadness. Unfortunately, we were unable to recreate that tree in the real world, which really would have come in handy the next time I burn myself with my hot glue gun…


Anyway… We created two crafts to commemorate the friends we made in Craftland!

The first craft, in honor of our friend, the floating elephant, was made using a pre-stretched canvas that we painted with acrylic paint and decorated with buttons to create the image. Since we have so many colors to choose from, it was easy to match our buttons to her perfect blue skin!

Our second craft is a tribute to Ugo, Ulysses, Uma, Unique, Uilliam, Ulf, Unity, and all of our other new friends we met while in Craftland! We took a pre-made letter “U” from our local craft store and wrapped it in yarn (occasionally applying glue to help it stick), then attached papercraft flowers we made before adding some of our Dress It Up “Flats”.

All in all, it was a good day. We hope to see you all in Craftland soon!

Jesse James button craft elephantJesse James button U yarn craft


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