Dress It Up Buttons and Crafts on Social Media

Over the years, social media has become an incredibly important aspect of our daily lives. We share news, humbly and respectfully swap opinions, bring our greatest achievements to the attention of ex lovers and people we haven’t thought about since high school, and post videos of cats. Lots of videos of cats. Sure, social media isn’t perfect and might raise concerns about security and privacy, but in the long run, how would society function without Buzzfeed telling them which character from “Girls” they are?

Short answer: it wouldn't.

Short answer: it wouldn’t.

So since we’re all on social media, understand its incredibly important uses, and like killing time at the doctor’s office or work (I won’t tell your boss), why not “like”, “follow”, post, and “pin” with us?




And for good measure, here’s a photo of a birdhouse we made.

Jesse James birdhouse 1


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