Vintage Button Tree Craft

Jesse James vintage burlap tree banner

We hope you enjoyed our April Fool’s Day post yesterday.  While we had a lot of fun with it, we don’t actually recommend using toilet paper tubes to make holiday napkin holders.

On to today’s craft!  If you don’t have children, teach elementary school or claim to be the #1 Spice Girls fan (still), fluorescent colors and princess castles probably have no business being in your home. Perhaps you collect antiques and prefer a more subdued aesthetic with earth tones or country colors, but would still like something crafty to decorate that empty space in your hallway or bathroom. If this is the case, today’s craft might be for you.

Your local craft store will most likely have pre-stretched burlap, but in the event they don’t, you can buy stretcher bars or a piece of wood and easily stretch the burlap yourself. DIY!

Now that you have your burlap ready to go, paint a tree on it. You can look outside and paint your favorite tree, or you can paint one that you made up in your head! Using Dress It Up’s “Vintage” and “Fancy” Grab Bags, begin gluing buttons onto your tree to simulate leaves. The olive, brown, and gold tones lend themselves beautifully to your earthy tree craft.

Once your glue is dry or cool (depending on what type of glue you use), cut pieces of dark green yarn and group them in clusters. Glue the yarn clusters around the base of the tree at the bottom of the composition and cut some shorter once the glue is dry if necessary. Add a couple of “fallen leaves” near the grass and you have a fun vintage tree piece to hang in your home!

Jesse James vintage burlap tree

If you like this craft or anything else you see on our blog, feel free to share with your friends!


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