Decoden Princess Baking Apron

Jesse James Beads princess apron banner

Yesterday, while walking through the forest at dusk, I heard the rustling of leaves from behind a group of sugar pine trees that would give Freedom Tower a run for its money.  When I peeked past them to explore where the sound was coming from, I was approached by a wild unicorn!  The unicorn spoke and said, “make more art, slacker.”  I was so stunned to see a unicorn, I missed the opportunity to dispute the inaccuracies of his insult.  As he smugly pranced off into the sunset, I thought to myself, “no one will ever believe this story! Everyone knows sugar pine is indigenous to the mountainous west coast of the United States, not Pennsylvania!”

Despite my extraordinary claims, I swear I’d never lie to you guys… I’m totally not a slacker.

At Jesse James and Dress It Up, we can’t seem to make enough princess-themed crafts.  Pinks!  Purples!  Princes!  Princesses!  Pansies!  Patterns!  Alliteration!  Our “Once Upon a Time” button pack is incredibly popular- and for good reason.  It’s incredibly fun to craft with!

Today we proudly present to you the DecoDen Princess Baking Apron!  We started with a plain white apron from our local craft store and dyed it baby blue.  Once it was all dyed and dried and looking good, we broke out our fabric scraps, some felt and sewing supplies, then got started!  After we laid everything out, it was time to begin to cut our fabric and felt pieces that we would use to build the landscape and sewed them in place.  Then, we cut out felt shapes to construct the castle and sewed them on, too!  Using DecoDen Bling, we piped the paste on the outside border, inside the castle, and in the sky to make clouds!  While it was still wet, we embellished our apron with Dress It Up button packs “Once Upon a Time/The Perfect Princess”, “Brilliant Blooms”, “Magical Fairies”, “Shimmer Stars”, and “Watercolor” glitter hearts and set it in a safe place to dry overnight.  DecoDen Bling begins to dry in just a couple of hours, but fully cures at about 24 hours.

The next day, we picked it up and we were ready to bake some cookies!

Jesse James aprons 2


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