Paracord Craft Bracelets!

JJB Paracord bracelets bannerHave you ever been at a weapons show with your doomsday prepping friends and thought, “Aww!  These bracelets are soooo cuuuute!”?  I know that’s a rhetorical question- of course you have.

Since paracord comes in a number of weights, colors, and styles, it’s perfect for making bracelets for the mountain man or woman in your life, as well as fun-loving kids.  Using the awesome tutorial from The Crafting Chicks, using the My Lanyard Maker by Choose Friendship Company, and fooling around some on my own, I made a few bracelets using differed colored paracord and our buttons!

Check back for a tutorial on how you can incorporate embellishments on your paracord bracelets later in the week!

JJB Paracord bracelets


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