How To Make A Tote Bag With Fabulous Fabric Flowers

JJB flower tote bag banner

This Tutorial Tuesday, we’re going to show you how to make fabulous fabric flowers to put on a tote bag!


JJB flower craft supplies

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make fabric flowers for your tote.  Scissors, fabric, sewing materials, your trusty hot glue gun, a canvas tote bag, and of course Dress It Up buttons!

JJB fabric for flowers

First, cut your fabric into strips of varying lengths and widths.  This will make different size flowers and add some variety to the aesthetics of the finished piece.

JJB flower step 1

Fold the fabric in half along its length, then fold the corner down.

JJB flower step 2

Take the bottom corner and fold over previous fold.

JJB flower step 3

While holding the fabric folds in place, fold the top back to create the center of the flower.

JJB flower step 4

Holding the center tightly, begin wrapping the folded fabric around to create petals.

JJB flower step 5

Continue folding and wrapping…

JJB flower step 6

Occasionally changing direction and placement to give the petals more dimension.

JJB flower step 7

…And continue wrapping, changing direction, and folding…

JJB flower step 11

Until you run out of fabric and your flower is finished.

JJB flower step 12Pin the tail to the flower and get your trusty hot glue gun ready.

JJB flower step 13

Turn the flower around and cut off the middle swirl, making the flower more flat and easy to place on your tote.

JJB flower step 14

Being that you’re crafters, I don’t feel ashamed to show you how gnarly our hot glue gun is.  Glue the inside of the flower to keep it in place and squish it together.  Take out the pin and glue the tail to the flower.  Make as many as you’d like!!

JJB flower step 15

We dyed our tote, sewed on a little pocket, and made a peace sign to decorate it, but you can do anything you want!

JJB flower step 16

Once your tote is to your liking, begin placing your flowers and buttons!  Hot glue or sew them onto your bag.

JJB flower tote bagThe last step is to fill your new bag with a towel, sunblock, and snacks before enjoying a relaxing day at the beach!


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