Dress It Up and Vegan Treats Bakery Beautify Your Wedding

VT JJB wedding 1 banner

Besides Jesse James and Dress It Up, there are some incredible businesses in Bethlehem, PA. One of our absolute favorites is Vegan Treats Bakery.  After their photo shoot with photographer, Ken Credible, last week, Vegan Treats gave me three of the French pastries to have some fun with! As crafters, artists, and pastry chefs, we know spring and autumn are always incredibly busy as a result of weddings.

Using the beautiful pastries given to us by Vegan Treats Bakery, combined with our crafty powers, we put together a few wedding-themed tableaux.

VT JJB wedding 2

VT JJB wedding 2 detail

Working with an earthy, yet playful color palette, we created a centerpiece that references the fancier side of the natural world with hanging beads, twigs, and tulle.  Perfect for your chic vineyard dream wedding.

VT JJB wedding 3

VT JJB wedding 3 detail

If having a country wedding in a rustic barn speaks to you more than a chic vineyard, maybe doilied cake stands, a beaded ring-bearer pillow, and a flower girl basket with fabric flowers and beads in peachy pinks and tans is perfect for you.

VT JJB wedding 1VT JJB wedding 1 bouquet detail

And of course we had to make something for the fun-loving wild cards!  Stripes, flowers, polka dots and anything else you want to include will look perfect if you keep a consistent and considered color palette.  It’s your wedding- make it fun!


Click here to learn more about the bakery American Express named one of the top ten in the world.

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