Our Paper Flowers!

Spring is a unique time of year… Birds are flying through the air, bunnies are feasting on the daffodils in your yard, flowers are beginning to bloom, and your eyes are so itchy from pollen, you can only enjoy it by looking out a window from inside your home. For me, and many others, spring is a time to keep your house locked airtight and only leave for emergencies. (And no, getting food isn’t always an emergency.)

If we can’t enjoy going outside, we might as well bring the aesthetic of the great outdoors into the less-great indoors! And that’s why we made these paper flowers!

We started making paper flowers by checking out tutorials on various blogs, but quickly began looking at photographs of orchids, roses, sunflowers (some of our favorites!) and inventing our own ways to create them.

Using wooden disks, felt, dowels, hot glue, paper, and of course Jesse James Beads, we built a whole bunch of pollen-free flowers to brighten up our space!

JJB paper flowers 2

JJB paper flowers 6

JJB paper flowers 5

JJB paper flowers 4

For some great tutorials on how to make paper flowers click here.


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