Cute and Fun Craft for Super Kids!

JJB super sam banner

We make a lot of crafts with pink, purple, glitter, princesses, fairies, and flowers, but not today! Today, we are all about super heroes and the crafty kids that love them! If your kids love watching super hero movies, reading comic books, and playing video games about “getting the bad guy”, they’ll have a blast making their own piece of super hero art for their bedroom or playroom!

We made ours with a wooden shadowbox, wood letters and shapes, popsicle sticks, cardboard, cork sheets, acrylic paint, wire, photographs, a black and silver paint pens or Sharpies, and of course Dress It Up buttons for embellishing! On this craft, we used the “Be My Super Hero”, “Mad for Monsters” and “Things that Go Zoom” button packs, which made for a perfect and epic battle between the heroes and monsters!


JJB super sam


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