Make your own Jungle… Book!

JJB jungle book banner

While at our local craft store last week, we saw a hollow wooden “book” and knew we had to have some fun with it.  The possibilities were endless!  I suggested taking it home, staining it to look like an antique leather-bound book, building a bookcase and a secret passage way to a system of underground tunnels to the houses of all of my friends…  Needless to say, that plan was voted down.

Once we nailed down the concept for the book, we decided to completely throw our sense of geography out the window!  Pandas and giraffes? WHY NOT?!  While we were succeeding at failing to acknowledge the impossibilities of these animals naturally sharing a habitat, we were also succeeding at using a ton of felt, foam, pipe cleaner, and paper scraps!  First, we painted the inside of the wooden box to look like a sky and a Tanzanian bush/Chinese bamboo forest/desert island hybrid landscape, then we began to build trees and bushes out of foam, felt, cork, paper and string.  Once we had our forest laid out, we made animals out of pipe cleaners (click here for pipe cleaner monster tutorial!) and added them to the scene!

Get creative and have fun!  Tag us in photos of the crafts you make with Dress It Up buttons and if you aren’t following us already, check us out on Instagram! @dressitupcrafts

JJB jungle book

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