Christmas in July!? How To Make Felt Ornaments!

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Halloween is my favorite holiday, but since I treat EVERYDAY like it’s Halloween, I guess we can devote a post or two to Christmas in July.  While you’re relaxing by the pool, barbecuing, or planning fun things to do over your summer vacation, we are dreaming up a ton of fun things for the holidays.
For example, check out these felt Christmas ornaments we made!

Felt Christmas Ornaments

What you’ll need:

  • Colored felt
  • Foam ball (varying sizes)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Ribbon
  • Jesse James Beads
  • Dress It Up Buttons (We used “Mini Cookie Cutters”, “Glitter Holly”, “Pearl Snowflakes”, “Red Poinsettias”, “A Keepsake Christmas”, but you can use any of your favorites!)

What to do:

  1. Take your colored felt (we used red and white) and make a 2.5” fold. Fold it over two more times. Now, cut as many circles, 2” in diameter, as your folded piece of felt will allow. Because you folded the felt, you will get four 2” circles for every circle you cut. You will need about 75-90, 2” circles for a 3” foam ball.
  2. Follow the instructions the same as step 1, but make your circles 1” in diameter. You will need three 2” circles for every 1” circle, so cut about 25-30 1” felt circles.
  3. Heat up your hot glue gun and get ready to use it! Take a 2” felt circle and fold it in half, then fold it in half again, giving you a felt triangle with a 90 degree angle. Put some hot glue in the fold and near the corner at the bottom of the triangle. (See Example I)
  4. Place folded 2” felt circle on 1” felt circle, standing up with the fold facing the center of the 1” circle and pinch the center at the bottom to give it shape. (See Example II)
  5. Follow Steps 3 and 4 two more times to finish each 1” circle. (See Example III)
  6. Make as many felt pieces as you have 1” circles, with three 2” circles on each.
  7. Begin to hot glue the finished felt pieces onto the foam ball, placing them close enough together to cover all of the foam underneath. You can also paint the foam ball to ensure you won’t see white under the felt.
  8. Once your foam ball is covered with the finished felt pieces, cut a piece of ribbon (about 9” per foam ball ornament you are making). Thread both ends of the ribbon through your Jesse James Bead and tie a knot at the bottom large enough to stop the ribbon from sliding through.
  9. At the top of your ornament (whatever you would consider the “top”) put a button of hot glue in the center of the finished felt piece (where the three folded 2” circles converge) and place your bead in the center, knot end first. This will allow you to hang the ornament from your tree!
  10. Select your favorite “Christmas Collection” Dress It Up button packs and hot glue to the felt ornament
  11. Make as many as you’d like and hang them on your tree!


Example I

Example I

Example II

Example II

Example III

Example III


JJB Christmas Felt Ornaments

And as always, if you made something fun, share it with us!

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